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Premagination Retail India

The direct selling model has evolved because the world has evolved. As new technologies and forms of communication are developed, a new term may come to apply to what it is direct sellers do, just as the term "social selling" is gaining traction today. We continue to bring fresh ideas and methodologies to the marketplace. These new ideas, combined with advanced technology, placed alongside a highly successful and long-standing business model, will open up possibilities that we can only guess at today.

PR India changed the scenario wherein people used to feel that the products sold through Network Marketing are costly and are not required in normal course of life. This happened for the first time in the history of Network Marketing that people are buying known and required products available in the present traditional market at a price known to them, which has occupied and playing a necessary and very important role in their normal & daily course of life. PR India tries its level best to give you high quality products at very reasonable & affordable prices. PR INDIA products come with 100% satisfaction & product return policy. Our customer retention of 99.98% is proof of our commitment to our business and our service standards.

Who We Are

PR India, a totally tax-abiding company is working towards national growth. We preferably prefer to sell only Indian products for the benefit of our Country and Indian industry. Since it is the business of the people, for the people and by the people, PR India is by far a true nationalistic company.

What We Do

PR India offers a wide range of earnings to welcome people from all walks of life irrespective of their age, sex, financial status or occupation. At PR India, you will find additional earnings for a businessman, executive, housewife, student, retired person, employed and unemployed people. While joining PR India as a Member the business opportunity comes along, without any investment and risk. The PR India business plan ensures unlimited income possibility leaving no room for saturation.

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